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The formal implementation of the national standard detection methods in food tonyred

Time: 2016-03-16 10:50:21Copyfrom: Nantong Alchemy Biotech Development Co.,LTD.

New GB pointed out that Sudan belongs to azo series of chemical synthetic coloring agent, mainly used in wax, paint, gasoline and other products, China banned Sudan dyes are used in food production. 2005 February the British Food Standards Agency announced to recover by Sudan contaminated food and the requirements of enterprise production Sudan contamination of food by the recall, on the other hand, the national standards committee to organize the relevant departments with reference to international standards, to adapt to the actual situation of China's food detection methods of Sudan, through the practical application of Beijing, Guangdong, Shanghai and other 18 provincial-level product quality inspection institutions, the accuracy obtained further validation.
On the basis of this, the State Administration of quality supervision and the National Standards Commission yesterday formally approved released the determination of Sudan dyes in food detection method -- high performance liquid phase chromatography "national standard, the standard since the release of the implementation.
According to introduction, the standard provisions of the Sudan dyes determination method for determination of Sudan dyes in food detection, using ordinary high performance liquid chromatograph can complete and accurate. In future China Sudan detection will be used to "positive adsorption and solid phase extraction" principle, one-time removal of samples in Pigment Pepper and tomato pigment on the test results of Sudan in food effect, compared with foreign similar detection, more broad scope of application of this method, lower cost, easier to operate.

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